A brief history of our real people casting can be found on the next page of selected commercial, television and feature film samples. Scrolling down you’ll see this year’s Love Has No Labels spot for the Ad Council in which we found all the people in the spot. This included priests, rabbis and monks, same sex couples, wounded military veterans, Muslim friends, little people, transgender people in mid-transition, elderly married couples, female body builders, red head/Asian couples, deaf couples, children with Downs Syndrome, Native Americans, etc. — all 100% real, non-actors. This was cast entirely out of Tampa.

Scroll down a bit more and you’ll come to the Fisher Price Presents A Film by You in which we cast all the children locally. No actors. There’s a second Fisher Price spot featuring more real kids further down the webpage.

A few more clips down and you’ll see one of the many First spots for Disney. These are all centered around real families and featuring the kids in the speaking parts. Again, no actors. As you scroll down you’ll see First Late Night, First Safari, and First Coaster. There were about a dozen of these in all.

The Bud Light ads, one with Jimmy Johnson and one with Warren Sapp, were part of the campaign in which real people were punched by celebrities in big reveals that showcased the average people being had by the crazy events that eventually unfolds around them. We cast these football fans from hundreds of people we met at games, in sports bars and on the street.

Get Golf Ready is a spot featuring real golfers we cast from courses around Central Florida that promotes PGA membership. We’ve cast more real golfers than we can remember at this point but this is an example of one.

Continuing down the page you’ll find an Apple | iTunes spot featuring salsa dancers that we cast by going to dance clubs throughout Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico and an H&M spot populated by Pre-K kids cast and shot in LA.

The Nike spot featured Japanese pro baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka and was shot in Fort Myers, Florida. We cast all the Japanese people required for the section that was doubled for Tokyo. None were actors. We did a similar casting for the Japanese drink, Wanda, in which we found a full Japanese baseball team, Japanese tennis players, Japanese golfers, and Japanese soccer players, all of which were found in Orlando. The Wanda spot is not on my website.

The Bavaria Beer spot required lookalikes for Tupac, Bruce Lee, Elvis, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, and Marilyn Monroe. The idea being that they’re all still living and doing so on an island in the middle of nowhere. This concept created another challenge in that all had to be aged to what they would be today. We found the entire cast in South Florida.

The Florida Lottery spot features a biker we found by casting in biker bars all over Central Florida. Finally, we recently finished principal casting on a feature film entitled, The Florida Project in which we found 90% of the kids by casting on the streets and in motels outside of the theme parks where homeless families have resided permanently since the housing crisis in 2007. The film stars Willem Defoe but the child actors were primarily cast from these street casting sessions. Here’s a link to the film:

The Florida Project, as with Monster, for which we won the Casting Society of America's Artios Award for Best Independent Feature Casting (and for which Charlize Theron won the Oscar for Best Actress), depended heavily on the sort of street casting that would enhance the film's requirement for gritty authenticity. We're especially proud of the results and hope these feature credits show just how wide a net we cast to make every project a success.