Chloe - She started in front of the camera, auditioning and booking work in print, commercial, television and film throughout Florida and the southeast. Working in front of the camera has given Chloe great insight into how to better approach casting — from the way a project is prepped to working with talent in auditions to what happens on set during the actual shoot and how this affects talent selections for our clients. Chloe brings this experience to each and every project, helping to create the sort of attention to detail and understanding of both sides of the camera that isn't often found within most casting companies. This insight gives our casting company a broader understanding of working with talent — from start to finish.

Chloe has cast hundreds of projects for the company, ranging from real people and street casting to international searches for commercial, television and film clients from around the world. 2017 credits include principal casting for the Nickelodeon series, I am Frankie, the German television series, Katie Fforde, the feature film, The Florida Project and hundreds of commercial projects, including SAG nationals for Coke, The Home Depot, Cheerios and Lay's. 

In addition to her experience in front of and behind the camera, Chloe also happens to be a certified yoga instructor with recent teaching trips to India, Peru, Mexico and Thailand to add to her dozen and counting accreditations.

Chloe holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies from The University of Central Florida and continues coursework in whatever happens to strike her fancy. She's bookish that way.